Thursday, February 27th

3:30pm on
Runtime: 00:44:29

The Cat of Mastigatus

Sefton Scott welcomes parents, students and teachers to Kemble Martyrs Boys School fete. Bunty eyes an egg and spoon race and Mrs McCarthy agrees to compete with her. Heading towards the cake table, Father Brown meets a pupil from the Girls' School next door, May Lewis who swipes the last three macaroons. Even though he's meant to be the best, Sefton's grandson Daniel Gates gives a poor cricket demonstration, but Mrs McCarthy thrives in the egg and spoon race and takes home the rosette. Meanwhile, the deputy headmaster of the school, Philip sneaks away with Sheila, the deputy head of the girl's college next door, but to their horror, they find May on the floor, her head pooling with blood.

Thursday, March 19th

3:30pm on
Runtime: 00:45:04

The Flower of the Fairway

Meeting with Raylan Reeve at his new golf course, Father Brown and Mrs McCarthy discover 'Go Home - or die' burnt into the grass. Inspector Mallory pays a visit to Hermione, who has a clear motive for vandalism after her garden has been compromised for Raylan's extensive golf course, but finds nothing to pin the crime on her. The next day at the golf tournament, the women's cup sees Bunty competing, in disguise as 'Miss Desiree Lecoq', being careful in case her father finds out about this pastime. She competes against Raylan's young granddaughter, Morgana, much to Tamara, Morgana's mother's disapproval. When Bunty's ball lands in the reeds, a body is the last thing she expects to find.

Thursday, March 26th

3:30pm on
Runtime: 00:44:10

The Two Deaths of Hercule Flambeau

When Father Brown reads about Hercule Flambeau's untimely death in Italy, he revisits a cryptic letter and key recently sent to him by Flambeau. Meanwhile, The Iron Crown of Lombardy, a crown holding a nail that was used in the crucifixion of Christ, arrives at Gloucester Cathedral. After Mass, Father Brown is greeted by Lisandra, who reveals herself to be Flambeau's new wife. She recounts the day that he died and reveals that she knows about the letter and the key. On returning to the presbytery, Bunty and Mrs McCarthy find it in a mess, the key stolen. Considering Flambeau's letter, Father Brown realises that the key could open the safe which holds The Iron Crown. Eager to inform the Bishop, Father Brown gets the train to Gloucester and is unsurprised to find his old frenemy alive and well waiting for him onboard. Can Father Brown manage to protect the crown and redeem Flambeau once and for all?